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Address: No.150, Rathnapura Rd, Horana.
Telephone: +94-34-4944038
Others: +94-77- 2605650


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We are a leading company of mobile phone repairs and sales. We have professional experts with latest mobile phone repairing tools to provide you a geed guaranteed service. We happy to provide you phone with less price and good service since we are holding most of mobile phone dealerships.

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    Mobile phone repairing is the upcoming trend of technology. Latest mobile phones are compact and complex multitasking computer devices and they are so defer from ordinary mobile phones. To understand latest mobile devices, you should upgrade yourself with latest technology and knowledge. To suit with latest technology, our mobile phone repairing courses are well updated.

    We use latest technology and equipment in our training labs. Each and every student is given separate set of equipments to do lab practical. We have two types of training programs. One is on weekends in lab environment and other one is in our workshop on week days. You can select whatever the course according to your requirement. We train both mobile phone Hardware repairing and Software repairing in our training programs.
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